A Trip To San Diego Comic-Con And A Lesson On Bail Bonds

San DiegoSince I was old enough to appreciate comics, sci-fi, and what comic-con was I have been eagerly waiting for the day that I could go to San Diego Comic-Con. I have been a working adult for a few years now but never had the time actually to go, and if I ever did have the time money was a concern. The last comic-con though I was finally able to have both at the same time, and I my dream of going finally came true! Unfortunately, aside from the awesome convention, I had a few terrible experiences during my stay in the city.

You might ask “why San Diego?” and I would simply just say, because that is the best place to experience comic-con, or so I was told. The idea of going to another city and state just for an event might not be something most people would understand, but for people like me, it’s all worth it. Let’s leave it at that and continue on my experience in the city and not the event.

When I decided to go that year I took all my vacation days that year in order to enjoy the whole event, a few extra days before and a few extra days after, in order to fully experience the beginning and the end of the comic-con feel. Unfortunately, I got into a little trouble my first few days, I won’t go into detail on what happened, but I ended up in jail, with the option to pay bail for my freedom while I wait for my hearing. Though the amount of my bail was quite big, I had the money, but paying it would have meant that I would enjoy my trip to San Diego significantly less, to the point that I would need to sleep in my car and probably eat the cheapest meals I could find.

Luckily enough I made a friend, he works at http://www.bailbondssandiego.net company, he taught me about bail bonding processes and how I could pay significantly less and still get out of jail to enjoy my stay in the city while awaiting my hearing. Through this new friend’s contacts, I was connected to a great group of people that only required me to a fraction of my bail; they were even kind enough to negotiate my bail to be a little bit lower, though they did take my car as collateral until the day of the hearing though.

Through the services of a kind San Diego bail bondsman, I was able to enjoy my first San Diego Comic-Con, if not for them I would either not have gone to Comic-con, or had a terrible time in the city while living in my car for a week. At the hearing, I was able to clear things up, along with the help of a good lawyer, and get my car back. I jokingly asked “what if I had not shown up?” and the bail bonds guy told me they would have kept the car… and chased me down through a bounty hunter. I’m glad I did the right thing and showed up for the hearing.