Best Rhinoplasty Doctors in Atlanta, GA

Problems with facial features are among the most embarrassing problems, and more often than not, it’s the nose that causes all the embarrassment. It’s therefore no surprise that rhinoplasty is among the most sought after cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

Only qualified, board certified specialists should be approached for this procedure. However, there are few risks when a top doctor, who is used to advanced surgery, is in charge. Side-effects include swelling, bruising of the area, the possibility of infection and a degree of discomfort, but the before and after look of the nose differs like night and day and the result can be worth every bit of that discomfort.

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Atlanta Rhinoplasty Surgery

Whether you are male or female, Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery or a nose job, can alter your appearance and image completely. The nose is often the first thing noticed when you meet someone new, and it’s the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror. Because it sticks out, it dominates the face.

The nose has even become part of sayings we use, like “keeping your nose clean” if you keep out of trouble, “winning by a nose”, “looking down your nose at” something if you’re being snobbish or, worst of all, being “nosey” if you “poke our noses into someone else’s business”.

So it’s not surprising if you want to take action if you’re not happy with the nose you were born with, or which changed its shape after an injury.

Rhinoplasty can change a number of issues which might be at the root of your dissatisfaction with your nose, such as the size of the tip and the nose’s width. The procedure can also straighten your nose, lift its profile and remove any bumps and humps which mar its aesthetic lines. A nose job can also solve some breathing problems.

You will have to be patient with regard to the final effect of the surgery. There will be an obvious visible change very soon, but the full beauty of its transformation may not be fully clear for up to a year. After the initial swelling has largely subsided, slight swelling might still be present for some months. As it subsides, your new nose will be revealed.

Every nose is different, and so is every nose job. Your surgeon will customize the procedure to make it work for you in terms of your needs and expectations.

The various procedures in Nose Surgery

  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty is intended for reasonably minor work. A dermal filler is injected to correct bumps on the bridge of the nose for instance, or if the tip needs more definition. It is not suitable for big changes like making your nostrils or nose smaller.
  • Closed surgery leaves no visible scarring as all work is done through incisions which are made inside the nose.
  • Open surgery involves a small incision being made between the nostrils. Surgeons usually try to avoid this where possible and work from inside the nose. However, when the situation calls for it, they make as discreet an incision as possible to prevent visible scarring.
  • Revision surgery, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, is for those who have already had nose surgery, but want more work done. They might have had a change of heart, something might have gone wrong with the previous procedure, or they might simply want to fine tune it a bit more. Because the nose’s structures have already been changed, revision surgery is more intricate, complex and difficult.

Can anyone undergo rhinoplasty?

Provided you are healthy, and a non-smoker or someone prepared to kick that habit a few months before surgery, the procedure is suitable both for men and for women. Children and pediatric cases should wait until the bones of the face and nose are fully formed (at about 15 years of age) before undergoing nose surgery, unless it has to be done to improve breathing when a child’s breathing is impaired.

However, the surgery must be done because you want it done. Don’t even consider changing your nose because someone else wants you to do so.

What is a nose job going to cost me?

You can be confident the cosmetic doctor who helps you evaluate the solutions available to meet your needs, will also discuss the pricing implications of the procedure. Listen to the price and if you don’t find it to be affordable, discuss financing and ask about specials.