Best Tummy Tuck Doctors in Atlanta (Abdominoplasty)

Few things make you feel more self-conscious than a sagging belly. It’s hard not to let how it looks affect how you see yourself. It changes how you dress, keeps you from wanting to enjoy the pool in summer, and turns the mirror into something of a monster. It certainly does nothing to improve your confidence as a female or a male.

A Tummy Tuck could be one of the best aesthetic solutions. It will give you a chance to get that sleeker image and tighter belly again, unpack those clothes you stowed away when the sagging started, and proudly return to the pool in Atlanta, GA.

Choose from our board-certified plastic surgeons for a consultation to find out more about this advanced surgery. All of them are highly qualified specialists in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Georgia. We have the reviews on their service to prove it.

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Atlanta Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are several different versions of tummy tucks or abdominoplasty, involving different degrees of surgical invasion and complexity. The bigger the procedure, the more problem body areas it addresses, the longer the procedure takes and the more recovery time is needed.

Surgical procedures are not without risks or the possibility of complications or side-effects. These are factors your doctor will discuss with you in helping you make a choice between the different options. You will also be given the chance to see comparative results with the help of before and after photographs.

  • The Partial or Mini Tummy Tuck is the shortest and simplest of the procedures. It will also result in the least scarring and have the shortest recovery time. It only targets the area below the belly button which remains untouched. Using a small incision, the surgeon removes the extra skin and reattaches the remaining skin to give your lower abdomen a tighter and smoother look. It will be just right for you if your problem only concerns loose skin and you don’t require muscle tightening as well.
  • The Tummy Tuck or Complete Abdominoplasty is both invasive and complex. The belly button is removed so that the surgeon can pay attention to removing extra skin on a wider area of the abdomen and can sew together weakened or stretched muscles. The belly button is then replaced. This procedure allows for more attention to be given to the area around the belly button and to those stretch marks that can be removed.
  • A Tummy Tuck with Liposuction brings in liposuction to do what it does best – remove large amounts of body fat by suction. This may be recommended if your problem is not merely a matter of loose skin, but includes a build-up of body fat you are unable to shift. If it is called for, liposuction will be used before the tummy tuck, removing the fat from the back and abdominal areas to increase the effectiveness of the partial or full tummy tuck that follows.
  • Circumferential abdominoplasty is the big one. It is sometimes called a body lift or belt lipectomy. The focus of the usual tummy tuck is widened to include not only the abdomen but also the back, hips, buttocks, thighs and waistline. Saggy and excess skin is removed and muscles tightened or repositioned.
  • Non-surgical alternatives include various types of treatments which use radio frequencies or light frequencies to tighten skin, freezing to reduce localized fat. These are generally accepted as not being as dramatically effective as the surgical options but trying them does not stop you from resorting to surgery later.

How did I end up like this?

Abdominoplasty is not only for women. Saggy and excess skin on the tummy is also a problem for men. Sure, men can’t blame saggy skin “aprons” on pregnancy, but that is not the only cause of loose skin or stretched muscles. Genetics play a role, as does any rapid weight gain or loss, and the normal aging process. For some people, the skin simply loses its elasticity and the ability to return to its previous tight and smooth condition.

Am I a suitable candidate for abdominoplasty?

The answer is usually “Yes” whether you are male or female — provided you are in good health; a non-smoker and not more than 25 pounds overweight.

However, your doctor will advise you to postpone the procedure if you are planning to lose a lot of weight in the future or intend to have more children. Subsequent weight loss or pregnancy could alter the effects of the tummy tuck and cause more loose skin to form. If you are a smoker, the doctor will advise you to give up smoking completely around two months before the surgery.

How much does a tummy tuck cost?

Tummy tuck prices will obviously change according to the type of procedure chosen as some are more affordable than others. Discuss your pricing options with your doctor regarding financing and specials. Together you may be able to bring the price down without compromising on your expectations.