That Time I Needed To Call A Bakersfield Bail Bondsman

I’ve never been in jail my whole life, until that day that is. I was in Bakersfield for a wedding, since my old college buddies and I rarely get the chance to hang out much we decided to stay an extra few days, which would have been great if not for what happened. I would rather not tell you the whole story, though I do admit that we are partly to blame for what happened that time; long story short, we got into a little scuffle at a bar one night and things went a bit overboard, and we were detained. In the end, we were cleared of everything, mostly because we were at the wrong place at the wrong time and got mixed up.

We were detained and given the choice of staying in jail or paying bail and returning at the date of our hearing. The problem was though, I just spent quite a bit of money on the trip and chipping in a pretty expensive wedding gift, on top of that I really didn’t want to call anyone to tell them I was in jail. What I did have though, was ownership of a decent car I used to drive to Bakersfield, perfect to use as collateral for a bail bondsman to help me out.

I learned of bail bonds and bail bondsman a few years back when I was researching on some business’ I could potentially get into, though I ended up not pursuing it. While I know that there are bail bondsman Bakersfield agents that don’t require collateral, I didn’t really have the luxury of calling several companies to inquire, and since I was required to stay in the city, I wouldn’t need my car anyway.

The trick to finding the perfect bail bondsman is to inquire it from either an attorney or the officers in the station; there are a few companies and people hard to deal with, so you need to get names from reliable sources. I did exactly this and got in touch with an excellent company that not only accepted my car as collateral but also negotiated for me to pay a lower amount. They handled things professionally, and the amount I needed to pay was quite fair, had I had no knowledge about bail bonds I would have probably gotten people who would have been less than fair in handling my problem.

From what I researched before, bail bonds companies, though making a fair amount of money, actually exists to help out people. Picture this; a man relying on his work to provide for his family got mixed up in some minor trouble; if he is unable to pay for his bail bonds, he would lose his job and potentially have to do something that will definitely put him back in jail when he gets out. Some companies do this purely for the sake of money though, luckily enough the guys helping me were the type that wanted to help as well as profit.