9 Reasons Why You Should Ride a Bike to Work

Written by Anthony

A report from the Bicycle Barometer published in 2017 stated that over 19 million Spaniards uses a bicycle as a means of transportation on a weekly basis. Over the years, the number of bike-riding people has dramatically increased, and it looks like there’s no sign of a halt for the next generations to come.

For large cities, there are over 54.2% who uses a bike for commute purposes, especially for going to work or school. The rest of the numbers are for using it as a means of sport like track racing and the like. This means that more and more people are embracing the importance of bikes over gas-powered motorcycles.

Of course, we already know that riding a bike for work will give us health benefits. But other than that, there are still more than meets the eye. With that said, here are nine reasons why you should start riding a bike to work.

  1. It’s FUN

  • Riding a bike takes you a trip down memory lane. Remember the days when bikes are still a thing, and cars haven’t reached their peak of popularity just yet? It’s like having a nostalgia overload that takes you back to your childhood where you first learned how to ride a bike and roam around the neighborhood.
  1. Makes you physically active

  • Got no time to hop on the gym? Then ride a bike. Biking is good for your health because it’s already a means of exercise. However, the calories you burn will depend on the speed, cycling style, and topography. But whatever it is, the important thing is you’re riding a bike. One of the benefits of riding a bike is it’ll improve your cardiovascular system and decreases your blood pressure. It also helps build muscle as well and overall increases your energy to give you a better mood at work.
  1. Traffic no more

  • With cars, you will end up being stuck by the lane because of heavy traffic. But when you ride a bike, you can freely zip around your way without minding the traffic in front of you. Of course, you still have to follow traffic rules though. But if you’re in a hurry, bikes can easily fit into gaps between cars and ride away without the hassle.
  1. Improves your cognitive abilities

  • Biking/cycling is another way of physical exercise. That means it helps prevent cognitive decline and improves your memory overall. Physical exercise also helps your brain to quickly adapt to change and improve its performance.
  1. Saves you money

  • With cars, you will be spending lots of cash for its maintenance, gas, and replacement parts just in case it gets broken. But with bikes, who needs gas when you can use your own feet to sprint around the lane? Maintenance? use your backyard hose and wash it up until it looks squeaky clean.
  1. Fresh air

  • Riding a bike helps you save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint since it doesn’t use gas to make it run. Imagine a world where all of us will use bikes as a means of transportation, and there will be clean air for all of us.
  1. Comfortability

  • You can take bikes whenever and wherever you go. No need to scout for parking lots and pay a parking rental. Just place your bike anywhere, and you’re good to go. Just make sure that you have a secure lock with you to use on your bike.
  1. Fewer accidents

  • There’s a small chance that bikes are prone to accidents. Cars, on the other hand, are most likely the ones to experience accidents. We can’t actually blame cars for the accidents to happen, so point your hands on the driver instead. The driver’s behavior is the main culprit of this one.
  1. Freedom

  • With bikes, you have the freedom to go anywhere, and it’s not just limited to your workplace only. If you want to go for an adventure, take your bike to mountain trails and discover the great unknown. Take your car in the same trail, and you’ll end up paying lots because of maintenance. Not to mention, it can’t even fit into tiny spaces, unlike bikes.

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