Hello! Welcome to Common Knowledge (CK) Society!

Our main source of inspiration in creating this site is to help the public understand the importance and the rewards of being proactive in taking charge of your health.

With rising healthcare costs, this isn’t a time to be passive your health. Our website seeks to encourage individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle and by become more responsible about their

We want to be an effective vehicle in providing information pertinent to health care. We offer tools, insights, and guides to help individuals make the best choices in caring for their health, including their health providers, health plans, and insurances. We also want to teach the public about ways they can take advantage of the advancements in the field of medical and health care to improve their health and prevent medical issues.

We believe that being proactive about your health and health care entails:

  • Embracing healthy changes to your eating and lifestyle habits
  • Choosing health care services that are right for you and at the most competitive rates possible
  • Discussing your family history and working as a partner with your doctor in caring for your health
  • Making smart decisions in choosing the right health plan for you and your family

Taking an active role in our own health and wellness has never been more important. Taking preventative actions can save you money from health care costs and allow you to live independently and enjoy life longer.