Physical Therapy and Its Healing Powers for Arthritis Patients

Written by Anthony

Don’t you just hate it when you get arthritis? The feeling of mobility is gone, and you will end up sulking in your bed all day. Pair that with joint pain and it’ll make you wish that you were dead instead. Joking aside, arthritis can be extremely annoying. But what you need to understand is that there are different type of arthritis with the most common one being osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the progressive breakdown of the cartilage, the tissue that protects the bones in a joint. Aside from that, there are also other types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Diseases such as this will lead to chronic joint inflammation if not prevented as soon as possible.

There’s that common misconception that arthritis only happens to older adults which is completely false. In reality, arthritis can happen to anyone, even children at a young age. The Arthritis Foundation of America stated that arthritis can occur to all ages both male and female, and is the principal reason for disability in the US.

Signs/Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Joint pain gets worst during the winter season
  • Pain in different parts of the body including knees, hip, and ankle
  • Joint stiffness that prevents you from moving
  • Joint pain that subsides when the evening comes
  • Swelling on the joints that lead to inflammation
  • Low energy levels that lead to fever
  • Tiredness, dizziness, and fatigue due to joint pain

There are a lot of prescription drugs available in drugstores that eases joint pain/arthritis. However, if you’re tired from taking such medication, you can try physical therapy. Yes, you heard that right, it’s physical therapy. It is one of the ways to manage joint pain and inflammation because of arthritis. Some say that it’s even more effective compared to medication, but that remains to be seen.

We can’t deny the fact that there’s no such cure for arthritis. The only way you can do is to ease the pain to make it minimal, and that is by getting physical therapy. You can also combine both medication and physical therapy to get the best of both worlds. And also, you must seek a professional physical therapist that can address the signs and symptoms you are experiencing. Professionals always know what’s best for you as they can recommend different techniques to soothe and ease your pain. So what are the benefits of physical therapy and how does it relieve joint pain? Let’s find out how!

  • Subsides Join Pain
  • From mild to severe joint pain, physical therapy will provide you relief in a matter of weeks or months. The more you stick to your physical therapy sessions, the more the pain subsides as time goes by and it is actually noticeable.
  • Eases Stiffness of the Joints
  • If ever you’re still too active on doing activities such as sports, playing with your kids, and so on even though you’re still experiencing pain, then it’s time to stop. What you did is a recipe for disaster and will produce more pain in the long run. Your physical therapist will perform joint mobilization for you to ease stiff joints. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be active again in the next day after having a visit to your physical therapist. Take some rest and slow down the pace for a while.
  • Boosts Flexibility
  • Problems such as swelling, inflammation, and joint paint will take a toll on your flexibility. That’s why your physical therapist will let you do flexibility exercises not just to ease the pain, but to also increase your flexibility as well.
  • Let’s You Lose Weight
  • Being overweight is a huge problem for everyone, especially those who aren’t engaged in physical activity. If you’re an overweight person that’s experiencing arthritis, then you’re lucky that physical therapy also lets you lose weight as well. Your physical therapist will let you do weight exercising without stressing your joints out.
  • Avoids Injuries
  • Physical therapy lets you prevent further injuries. It already hurts when you’re experiencing such pain, how much more when you hurt them accidentally without notice. Your physical therapist will teach you walking and exercising techniques to make you move in a proper way. Not to mention, these exercises will also improve your posture as well.

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